Olympic sports you’d dump

Fun Olympic fact: MPR has never gotten a complaint for revealing the results of Olympic BMX races.

  • davidz

    Call me the curmudgeon, but I think I’d drop the whole Olympic thing altogether. Not just sport by sport, but the whole thing. Let each sport continue to have their own world championships, just like they do in non-Games years.

    But when a main story is “country X has more medals than Y”, the sports aren’t the focus, merely the competition. When the events were opened to non-amateurs, and the additional sports brought in, the Games became Just Another Sporting Event to me, and I don’t care about them at all.

    And I’m not one that believes that any location hosting the games actually comes out ahead in the long run, so that’s not much of an excuse either.

  • Kassie

    Anything that is synchronized, but especially diving. Except maybe swimming since that has been around for awhile. And anything that is really a horse doing the work, not a person. Why not have a dog show as part of the Olympics too, if we are going to have all the horse stuff.

    I’d like to see skateboarding added and for them to bring back softball, but no synchronized skateboarding.

  • kennedy

    I think trampoline also belongs on the list of potential sports to be eliminated.

    A couple to think about adding would be lacrosse or a “mudder” type obstacle course/race. Parcour is fun to watch but is more of an X-games event.

  • John p.

    Anything that does not require physical exertion to the point of breaking a sweat is probably not a sport but a game. I’m looking at you, golf and dressage. Anything that depends on points awarded by judges is suspect. Diving and gymnastics come to mind

  • Jamie

    My vote wasn’t allowed for some reason. Maybe because I clicked on a few things instead of just one. Beach volleyball has got to be the worst excuse for a sport in the history of the games. It is nothing more than a peep show. To the women who say that playing in those barely-there bikinis makes playing easier: Bull-$%#&! If the men can play in resonable uniforms, so can the women. I’ve played sports and done dance in waaay more coverage than that with no problem whatsoever. Modern fabrics are like a second skin that you hardly feel. It’s so obvious that the spectacle was added to boost ratings and attendance.

    The same goes for women’s (really GIRLS’) gymnastics, track, and regular volleyball. If men can do those sports in resonable coverage, so can the girls and women.

    I hate the sexism in the Olympics aa well as the jingoism and the stupid way it’s covered in the US.

    I agree with davidz, too.