NASA’s next challenge: More women

Getting a giant rover to Mars? Easy.

Getting more women on the front line of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory? Hard.





With the exception of one or two women in the room yesterday, any of these photos could have been NASA 1970.

  • Bob Moffitt

    Mars Needs Women?

  • Susan

    It appears they are also all white. Perhaps, some scientists of color, too?

  • BenCh

    I don’t know, there is still a good handful of women in the room. This video of the landing shows it well. Should there be more? Yes… but your photos make it seem like there weren’t any.

  • Bob collins

    Clearly in photo 2, there are 3 women sitting together. and one at a console. And 29 men.

  • jon

    I count 4 women in the second photo. Possibly more by the flag.

    Also there is a saying among the geek/nerd/scientist/engineer/mathematician communities… It might be hard, but is it NP-Hard?

  • essjayok

    @BenCh: How can you look at these photos and even argue what seems clear?

    That is one white, male party if I’ve ever seen one.

    Thank you, Bob, for bringing it up.

  • Kassie

    I think there were a few people of color too. For instance, the new internet celebrity, Bobak Ferdowsi is Iranian. I’ve saw some other Asians too. Plus, they are wearing polos. This is not your 1970s NASA.

  • Bob Collins

    Obviously the polos are a different story but the presence of other nationalities doesn’t differentiate from 1970 NASA, which was heavy on Germans.

  • allie

    Thought I was just over-zealous for picking up on this. More concerned with the lack of folks of color, though, than women–glad to see there were at least a few women rocking it in there.

  • kennedy

    NASA is already taking on this challenge.

    Like this…

    …and this

    …and this.

    The rest of us could help by not stereotyping. For example, when a girl gets a flat tire on her bike people tend to fix it for her. When a boy gets a flat tire, people are more likely to show him how to fix it.

  • Bob Collins

    Reminds me of the old quote, “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes.”

    I didn’t photoshop these images.

  • kennedy

    Note that the NASA efforts above are for girls currently in school. Results will probably not be evident in control room photos for a couple decades.