Meanwhile, in Afghanistan…

Over the years, I’ve posted several pictures from Arlington National Cemetery, each has shown the scars of war in its unique way.

Yesterday, Sgt. Richard L. Berry was carried to a gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery. He was killed by an IED in Afghanistan last month.


Unlike previous photographs of similar occasions, the picture of this ceremony is somewhat different. There were relatively few people in the photo itself.


There’s a war going on, but you wouldn’t know it by the presidential campaign. Why?

The world, broadcast last night on MPR, had a compelling segment on this question.

“Right now, the U.S. is pledging billions and billions of dollars each year from now until 2024 to train and support the Afghan government and the Afghan army.I i think it’s appropriate for the American people to be asking their candidates running for office exactly what we’re getting for all of that money and for all of those lives being put on the line,” analyst Joshua Foust said.

You can also find the interview here.

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