How a couple responds to Aurora shooting

Let the record show that Jacqueline Keavney Lader and Don Lader and have guts.

The couple was in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado when a man started shooting. They escaped the killing spree, but went to another theater the next day to finish watching the movie that had been interrupted.

Ms. Lader writes at Daily Beast:

The shooter’s intent was to cause fear, injury, and death. We escaped injury and death. Whether it was due to luck, fate, our military training, or all three, we’ll never know. But we both refuse to let fear consume us. We refuse to allow this one madman to injure our minds and spirits the way he tried to injure our bodies. If we let fear overtake us and prevent us from living bold, authentic lives, the shooter–and other murderers like him–wins.

  • J and Me

    Now there’s a statement tht says alot about the world we live in when it is considered ‘bold and authentic’ to go see a Batman movie

  • Bob Collins

    Never been in a mass shooting , have you? I wouldn’t belittle this couple.

  • allie

    Bob, for the win.