Diaper decorating, baby races, and hog calling

At some point in the future, a high-tech rover is going to parachute to Earth after a long journey in search of life. It will find the remnants of a decorated diaper contest, baby races, and hog calling. It will take the visitors years to come up with the theory that in August, the old civilization would gather in a location, eat strange foods, participate in unexplained activities, and love it.

I’ll see you at the MPR booth at the Minnesota State Fair on Friday the 31st, right?

  • Dave S.

    They’re letting you back in the MPR booth? That’s great! Every year I wander by there hoping to meet you, and you’re not there. That’s actually the day we’ll be at the fair (going for Wanda Jackson and MN Music on a Stick), so maybe we’ll get lucky.

  • Suzanne

    We’ll stop by on our way to MN Music on a Stick!

  • Ryan

    Dang, I’ll be there on Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning!

  • Pat Fair

    I really wanted to go to MN on a Stick on MPR at the Fair day, but will be in Storm Lake, Iowa attending my daughter’s first soccer game of her last year of college. Go Beavers.