Can humans talk on the phone and do anything else correctly?

Is there any remaining doubt that humans cannot do two things at once — specifically, drive and talk on the phone?

Now, a Canada Transportation Safety Board report says people can’t fly and talk so well either, at least in the case of a crash in British Columbia last November that killed a man.

In the report, released this summer, the investigators found the pilot spent much of the flight on his cellphone and was unable to maintain a consistent altitude during the calls.


  • boB from WA

    The graph looks like the path some people take when driving and talking/texting.

  • Mitch

    Jeepers. If you are going to engage in distracted flying, at least ante-up for a decent autopilot…

  • B Joe

    While I don’t necessarily disagree with the premise of the blog entry, I don’t know that a report can make a claim about ‘people’ when the subject is only one person.

    Consider this:

    “The 2012 olympics showed that people, at least in the case of Michael Phelps, are perfectly capable of winning 22 medals and becoming the winningest olympian in history.”