What’s in a lipstick?

dessa_lipstick.jpg The Elixery, an artisan cosmetic house in the Twin Cities, announced today that it’s unveiling an official Dessa lipstick. What’s in a lipstick? Maybe an education for a girl in another country.

Dessa, the smarter-than-anyone-you-ever-met hip-hop artist, selected the color and is donating the money she makes on the project to an organization helping women in developing countries.

“In college, I wrote my final thesis on the philosophy of Martha Nussbaum,” she said in an Elixery news release. “Studying her theories I learned about the surprising consequences of educating girls, consequences which compound and refract through entire societies. Educating women often changes marital age and birthrates, and employed women demonstrate different spending patterns than employed men. Ten years after having studied the philosophy of this stuff, I couldn’t be more excited to actually make a real-world contribution.”

(Photo: Bo Hakala)

  • Kassie

    I really love Dessa, a lot. She’s pretty amazing.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Not hip to her music, and don’t know that I would like it if I was.

    But that’s secondary and almost irrelevant. I can always listen to Led Zeppelin on the Victrola.

    Kudos to her for having and communicating an intelligent social consciousness. I hope she does well doing good.

  • Jamie

    The way everyone at MPR seems to faint at the very thought of Dessa makes me skeptical, even suspicious, of — well, of everything about her. I’ve heard her on MPR shows a few times (she said something one time that actually made me REALLY mad — soemthing about excusing a man’s violent tendencies toward women or something). She sounds moderately intelligent and thoughtful, but when people practically bow down before anyone the way MPR staff do with Dessa, I see something wrong, like the way I’m suspicious of any cult leader.

    Besides, it seems to me to be contradictory to sell a product that’s part of a whole cultural-industrial complex that makes women little more than sex objects, in order to make contributions to the betterment of women around the world.

  • Kelly

    Jeez Jamie how much are you contributing to charity? Women will buy lipstick until they stop making it, what’s wrong with taking advantage of that to profit a charity?!

    p.s. Dessa is pretty freaking amazing and I find it highly unlikely she would make reference to condoning violence against women. Maybe look at the context a comment is made in before you jump to conclusions…hater..

  • Leah

    Girl crush…. just got bigger.

  • BJ

    I have no idea who Dessa is.

    but I will have to find out how to use this:

    part of a whole cultural-industrial complex

    into some conversation’s.

  • Jim Shapiro

    BJ – The “cultural” component to that wonderful platitude is a new one for me as well. 🙂

  • Jamie

    The extent to which I contribute “to charity” is not at issue here, Kelly (but I give what I am able to give).

    I didn’t say that Dessa condoned violence against women. I said that she excused someone else who seemed to have a problem with it. I don’t remember the exact conversation, but I can assure you, Kelly, that I “look at the context” more than the average person, and I did not jump to any conclusions about what I heard her say. I remember asking myself something like “did she really just say that?” and going over it in my mind to see if I had misunderstood something.

    And what’s up with this “hater” business? I can’t express a negative opinion about something without being called a “hater”? Sounds like something Dubya would say.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Regarding the term “hater”: I, for one, am PLEASED that otherwise articulate and apparently intelligent high school students are participating in this forum. 🙂