The judging of Toni Medrano

There may not be a sadder story than the one today from Cottage Grove, where — the Star Tribune reports — a 29 year old woman set fire to herself last week, a month after being charged in last November’s death of her infant son. She fell asleep drunk on the couch, rolled over, and suffocated him. Now, she’s dead.

Does anyone else share responsibility for how this ended?

How about Nancy Grace?

The woman, Toni Medrano, obviously had a drinking problem. The Nancy Grace website audience wasn’t much interested in considering it…


From several accounts, Ms. Medrano saw and read it all. A friend posted this week…

I am actually a close family friend; you and anyone else tossing harsh words have no idea what happened. Yes drinking with your infant child isn’t the best thing to do, but that’s not for me to judge. This was indeed an accident, and she had to live with that accident; but Nancy Grace you have shown so much evil upon her amongst other people in the media, that she is now in a hospital after commiting suicide and she has a zero chance to live. So thank’s for demonising a person for an accidental death and causing another personsdeath. I use to be a fan, but now all I see is another rating seeking soul-less monster. Another thnig to all of you that have your thoughts about another persons life, if you don’t have anyone living in your house to tell you what your doing wrong, then maybe learn the entire situation first before you hear what they want you to hear. There are always two sides and this side of Nancy Grace simply just came from the courts to make a mockary of another mother for a wrongful death.

In today’s media environment, there’s instant judgment.