The father who won’t let his daughter go to Disney World

You’re the father of a four-year old who has been battling cancer. A trip sponsored by Make A Wish has already been postponed twice because of your daughter McKenna’s leukemia treatment.

But they’re working. The cancer is in remission.

Now, do you accept the trip or do you pass it up because there are now kids worse off than your daughter who could use a trip to Disney World?

In Toledo, Ohio, this is the scenario that William May faced and he’s made his choice:

“Spend the money on a child who this might be their last memory,” May said. “Kids who are only going to live a year or six months.”

It’s complicated. May and the girl’s mother never married and don’t live together. The Make A Wish rules require both parents to sign off on the trip.

The rest of the family has been raising money to take the girl on the trip she was promised. They haven’t told her that dad put the kibosh on it.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Perhaps William May is a shining example of “Angel On The Street, Devil At Home” syndrome.

  • Xopher

    I think I agree with the dad. The trip should go to terminally ill patients. It’s a tricky situation, but he seems to be doing the right thing, even though it is the difficult thing. Here’s hoping the girl has a long life and eventually realizes that Disney World is a terrible place anyway.

  • Mark Gisleson

    I just cannot in any way, shape or form convince myself that this is any of my business. Or yours.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Xopher and Mark – Good points both.

    That said, Xopher, while we can agree that the Make a Wish funds should go to someone in more urgent need ( and that Disneyland is the root of all evil :-), shouldn’t the child who has had a pretty tough life thus far be given a break and allowed to do what all kids love?

    And Mark – granted, this is none of “our” business. But that distinguishes this story from 95% of all “news” how again? 🙂

  • David G

    I can kind of understand the “don’t use ‘Make-a-Wish” money on a child that’s in remission.

    In that case, step up, dad, and pay for the trip out of your own pocket. Because there’s a four year old cancer patient who’s gone through some pretty nasty times (and in all likelihood, the thought of the trip helped her through some pretty painful treatment), that’s been looking forward to this trip

  • Jaycie Allen

    Another article I read with an interview by the father had him initially saying that he wouldn’t sign because he and his kids were not invited to go- only Mckenna, her little sister, mom, grandma, and grandpa. Make A Wish then said they would pay for the father to go as well and suddenly his story changed and he won’t sign because she wasn’t dying. He is a grade A piece of garbage and a dead beat. He is clearly only refusing to sign to punish his ex and her parents. He also only said that he would one day take her himself after the story broke and people were disgusted by him. I am happy to say that the online donations far exceeded what they expected and this little girl WILL be going to Disney. Also, the Hilton Hotel in the Disney Resort has offered them 5 free nights stay. Thank God for the generosity and kindness of strangers, since her own father is a selfish jerk.

  • Disco

    One of those awesome stories that will do nothing but whip low-info, non-thinking Americans into a frothing rage. Well done.

    I agree with Mark Gisleson.

  • Jaycie Allen

    It should also be noted that Make A Wish is NOT just for dying kids. It’s for any children who have face a life threatening illness- the excessive amount of money and donation they bring in ensures that they can grant wishes for all sick kids. They NEVER deny a child a wish in favor of another child. Her going does not in any way, shape, or form take a wish away from a dying child. Also, this little girl is not totally in the clear, as it will take an additional 5 years for her to be declared cancer free.

  • Bob Collins

    I’m suddenly flashing back to Dick Cavett’s classic interview of Norman Mailer.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Jaycie – Thanks for the important and reassuring info on Make a Wish.

  • Debbie

    The dad should pay out of his own pocket.

    This poor kid has had a rough time in her short life.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a vacation and be able to relax and enjoy life for a while? And I’m not just speaking just for the daughter.

    Disney World can be a pretty enjoyable experience for parents, too.

  • dorothy

    “while we can agree that the Make a Wish funds should go to someone in more urgent need ( and that Disneyland is the root of all evil :-), ”

    In the event that Disney decides to stop making movies where the princess runs off with the prince and lives happily ever after and leans more towards endings where Snow White takes on the poison apple witch in a cage match and owns it, tells Prince Charming he is a drama king and should go hook-up with one of Cinderella’s sisters and lives a satisfactory life with the seven dwarfs in their bungalow writing stories, painting pictures and hurling insults to passersby on a sunny afternoon; will be the shift for Disney not being considered a rooted evil in childrens subconscious that leads them to drug addictions and narcisism and obsessive tendencies to compete once they get into adulthood..

    Buy the little girl a pony and call it a day.