Senser stepdaughter: ‘She’s there because of the crime she committed’

Amy Senser’s stepdaughter, who forced her stepmother to admit her role in the crash that killed Anousone Phanthavong, hit the morning talk show circuit today.

Brittani Senser, 28, told Good Morning America today, “I was under the impression that my family was in complete compliance with authorities. When the news broke and there wasn’t a driver identified… speculation that it could have been any of us. I told them, because I knew … that she had to take responsibilities for what she’d done.”

“It was sad,” she said of her stepmother’s 41-month sentence, “but she’s there because of the crime she committed.”

“It’s hard to believe from the evidence that she didn’t know she hit something,” she said.

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Ms. Senser is trying to put together a singing career…

  • Albatross

    Amy Senser is not the victim here.

  • Jim Shapiro

    How marvelous! A real life wicked stepmother story! The princess daughter now has an opportunity to become pop star royalty!

  • Bob Collins

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  • Marge Miller

    I can’t believe this step-daughter would turn on Amy like she is doing. What a wicked person she is. I think she must be doing it for the publicity. One TV station commented that Brittani is trying to get a singing career going so this is probably behind it – she wants the exposure. Believe me, this is not the right way to get a career going by back-stabbing her dad’s wife. This is low and embarrassing – I’m embarrassed for this step daughter saying these things so what must her dad and Amy Sensor be thinking – this girl just ruined any family loyalty forever. I think it’s disgraceful for her to stoop so low. I hope it backfires. I don’t know any of them and never heard of them before this incident – I don’t follow sports so didn’t even know who Joe Sensor was so I am very nonbiased in this and I think the stepdaughter is out of line.-