Romney’s NAACP speech

The pressure was on Mitt Romney’s speechwriter today when the Republican presidential candidate appeared before the NAACP. It was, it’s fair to say, an organization that the incumbent can count on for votes in November. It’s not unlike when a Democrat goes before the American Legion or VFW convention.

Romney got booed a few times during the speech, which required him to go off script, usually a good thing for people who tire of stump speeches and bumper sticker slogans.

The news will probably concentrate on those parts of the speech.

But here’s the entire speech (You can go right to 11:30, however, if you’d like to get to the key part):

President Obama isn’t addressing the convention this year; he’s sending the vice president instead.

  • Robert Moffitt

    Re: Democrats speaking to veterans groups, your news organization described the reaction like this:

    “Legionnaires give Obama polite, muted reception in Mpls.”

    It’s bad form to boo the Comander in Chief, even if your are no longer on active duty.

    You want to hear boos? Have Romney badmouth “Obamacare” at the AARP convention.

  • MikeB

    In seeing this I go back and forth between 2 scenarios – 1) he went there to antagonize a group, ya know, those people, to rally his angry base and keep the resentment fires burning, or, 2) he is completely tone deaf and cannot relate to anyone who is outside his socio-economic status.

    Or, he got a BOGO deal today

  • frightwig

    So, do over 90% of VFW and American Legion members vote for Republicans? Are Democratic policies bad for those constituents? Do veterans typically dislike Democrats?

    I’m not aware that any of that is true.