Happy industrial park day!

The big doings today are in Lakeville, which is holding its annual Pan-O-Prog celebration. The event, a local told me, started as a celebration years ago of the opening of the city’s industrial park south of the main drag.

Pan-O-Prog stands for Panorama of Progress, and nothing says progress like a Main Street full of 1950s-era hot rods and a B-25 bomber at the airport giving rides.


From what we can tell by the crowd on the sidewalks, the Pan-O-Prog parade is quite a big deal. There aren’t actually people lined up, just an interesting assortment of chairs and contraptions which say “this space is mine.”


I doubt this is a uniquely Minnesota thing, though I admit this staking out of turf hours in advance seems to be taken to new heights here.

The duct-taping-of-the blanket is an interesting way to do it…


Congratulations on your progress, Lakeville!