An Olympic alternative?

Even though they haven’t started yet, so far the London Olympics have been a dud. The weather this summer has been blustery and awful. And even the Olympic torch, which isn’t supposed to go out as it makes its way from Athens to wherever the Olympics are held, went out.

There is controversy all around the Olympics. Today, for example, residents of one apartment complex are in court to try to stop the roof of their building from being used for missiles to protect the games from attack.

The medical community in the UK — part of it, anyway — is up in arms about the games’ association with McDonald’s. “We do not want the Games to be remembered for being associated with the opening of the largest McDonald’s in the world, which has been constructed inside the Olympic park,” a cardiologist writes on the BBC website.

The Chap Olympics, meanwhile, was held on just one day — last Saturday — and Britain finally won something.

“Britain really isn’t that good at proper sport, but it’s good at silly sport. It’s good at sport that involves falling over, smoking a pipe, getting drunk, and having a good time,” an organizer of the Chap Olympics said.

A sport, for example, like yelling at foreigners…

Or fighting with fish…