The weather change in 3 charts

I wince as I write the words “new normal.” But when it comes to weather, it’s hard to ignore the data. Three charts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration bear out the changes we’re seeing and feeling.


Here’s a look at how much of the country is warmer this year compared to most of the the prior 20.

weather 3.jpg

Two of Minnesota’s top 10 seasonal temperature anomalies have come in the past year.


— Paul Tosto

  • matt

    It would be interesting to see the second chart on a globe and then see a few comparison years/seasons. Separate from climate change, it seems we have hot spots that roam the globe affecting areas for a shorter timespan and then move on. Combined with el nino/la nina events it is incredible how far they can alter the weather from the norms. Also would be neat to see the duration of heat/cold spells. Good info Paul.