The mass-detention tool

Any day in which people debate the Constitution is a good day. Today is a very good day.

On the heels of the St. Charles high school decision to force students to take breathalyzers, comes this story from Aurora, Colorado in which a bank robber was believed to be making his escape by car.

So the police stopped cars at an intersection, handcuffed everyone (at least the adults) and searched their cars. They got the bank robber in the last car they searched, according to ABC.

“It’s hard to say what normal is in a situation like this when you haven’t dealt with a situation like this,” a police officer said. “The result of the whole ordeal is that it paid off. We have arrested and charged a suspect.”

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The police chief says none of the 40 or so people handcuffed has complained.

(h/t: Brad Benson)

  • Tyler

    I, for one, am completely and utterly terrified at the direction our country is going. And I have no idea how to work against it.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Tyler -“And I have no idea how to work against it.”

    If I didn’t have kids, a semblance of a sense of humor, and an intrinsic belief in JC’s and the Buddha’s message of nonviolence,

    heads would roll.


  • Larry

    It appears that in the absence of a manual telling them what to do (“[We] haven’t dealt with a situation like this.”) the police will do whatever they want. They arrested ‘forty or so’ innocent people to get the single guilty one, probably requiring more than a hundred police officers to do so, and not one officer involved said “Wait a second.”

    Talk about taking liberties.

  • jon

    “I see you are in a car… You know who else drives cars, Criminals! Set out of the vehicle sir.”

    or “I see you have a pocket knife, you know I heard there was a stabbing a few years back, but you wouldn’t know anything about that would you?”

    Or *SMASH* “Sir as I approached your car I noticed your driver side tail light appears to have been smashed in with a night stick, I’m going to have to cite you for that.”