The Cannon River valley by air

I went up late this morning to take a look at what’s left from the flooding that hit the Cannon River valley area overnight.

The most noticeable thing about the air tour was how concentrated the rain must have been. There are plenty of soggy fields and signs along creek beds where the water went rushing through, but this morning, this area — this is in the Stanton east of Northfield — is the only one I could find with significant remaining water in the farm fields.


Just a few miles to the northeast — that’s Byllesby Lake in Cannon Falls off in the background– not so much…


But there’s plenty of water in Stanton…


Approaching Northfield. Sorry for the quality of the picture; it’s extremely hazy (click for larger images)…


Well south, now, to the Kenyon area. Not much to write home about…


Following the Cannon River. You can see the evidence of how far the water went over the banks, but you can also see how quickly it receded this morning…



No doubt things are messier on the ground with people having water damage in their homes, and businesses. But I’m hoping Paul Huttner will map out the total rainfall amounts, because I’m betting it will show a very concentrated area of heaviest rainfall.

  • Thanks, Bob!

    (We should talk again at some point about Julia Shrenkler’s idea about going up in a plane and me taking pictures…)