Testing the limits of artistic expression

Let’s resurrect an old NewsCut category for this story out of the Europe today: Art or abomination?

Dutch artist Bart Jansen loved his cat so much, The Daily Mail reports, that he had it stuffed when it died. Then he turned it into a radio-controlled helicopter

(h/t: Ken Paulman)

  • Jim Shapiro

    Either Mr. Jansen has a great sense of humor, or he’s really sick.

    Then again, perhaps this is a prime example of “both/and” as opposed to “either/or”.

  • John P.

    If Roy Rogers can get trigger stuffed, and we hang deer heads in the den, why not this? A guy I used to work for had every big game animal know to man stuffed and in his big office. Bears, goats, various ungulates, a lion, and a hundred more, so it takes a lot to surprise me. The cat is deceased now. It doesn’t mind.

    Weird. yes But I wouldn’t go as far as abomination. Maybe kitty always wanted to fly. You can understand that, right Bob?

  • Bonnie

    After listening to the CBC interiew ( As It Happens ) I think the artist is a bit beyond me. He lost me when he said that Wilbur seemed relatively pleased with the situation…oh Orville. R.I.P.

  • Dave S.

    Jeez, Bob, and all you built was a lousy airplane!