Reporter v. president

It’s been awhile since there’s been a dust-up between the White House and reporters over the decorum surrounding attempts to question the president, but we got one today.

President Obama was in the middle of a statement on deportations when he was interrupted by a reporter.

The reporter Neil Munro, said he thought the president was about finished with his remarks and he knows the president usually turns and walks away without answering questions. He says he “mistimed” his question.

The question — “Why do you favor foreigners over American workers?” — was a bit of a “do you still beat your wife?” question.

After he finished the statement, the president said he’d answer the question from the Daily Caller, but he really didn’t. “It is the right thing to do,” he gave as an answer, which was exactly the same sentence he delivered at the point when Munro interrupted him.

Reporters who want to make speeches has been the bane of presidents for generations. Some have been good at deflecting them…

It’s not President Obama’s strong suit.

  • matt

    Munro is a hack working for a hack “news org” and decorum and respect even if the president is a hack as well is what keeps society working right. Sad that Munro and Donaldson are being mentioned together. Obama and Reagan…two peas in a pod.

  • N

    Bob, I think you’re doing that guy a pretty big favor by calling him a “reporter.”

  • Jim Shapiro

    Re Reagan’s “for many years I was a democrat” punchline: He sure could deliver lines! Why don’t we have more actors as president?

    Perhaps because for even more years, he was a delusional puppet.

  • kafantaris

    A reporter reports. When you insert yourself into the story, by heckling or otherwise, you become part of the story.

    Being on the side of the angels does not change this. You are still an observer — the eyes and ears for the rest of us who are not there. In your own style, we merely want you to tell us what you saw and heard.

    If you cannot settle for this limited role and have the urge to do more, then please leave your reporter’s credentials at the door. There is nothing wrong with acting on your convictions. But you absolutely cannot do so while covering an event you are reporting on.

    This is the golden rule of journalism. Even pundits try to follow it.