O(bese), Canada!

Today’s question in the news: Can obese people be good parents?

Not in Canada, judging by a CBC story this afternoon.

A 38-year-old unidentified man says he’s been unable to regain custody of his children — they were taken from his wife last year — because he’s obese.

The man told CBC’s The Current Tuesday he weighed 525 pounds at that time, but then lost about 180 pounds. He said he is still working hard to lose weight and is now 380 pounds.

“I haven’t seen my youngest son since February of last year and I haven’t seen my eldest son since September of last year,” he told a CBC radio program today. “I believe the weight was a determining factor in my custody case. They picked the one thing they could use as a quantitative number. I’m a fantastic father, I love my kids wholeheartedly.”

Find the interview here.

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  • Robert Moffitt

    I blame poutine.