More proof Wisconsin’s not eating our economic lunch

There’s a stubborn conventional wisdom that Wisconsin’s economy is outgunning Minnesota. Data continue to show that’s not the case.

Last year, we pointed out that Minnesota’s done better than the Badger State in keeping people employed and adding jobs in the recovery.

Newly released federal data show that when it comes to overall economic growth the past few years, Minnesota and Wisconsin have been nearly equal.

Here’s a chart from a Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis analysis:


The Minneapolis Fed report focus was on North Dakota’s exploding economy compared to the U.S. and to the rest of the states in the bank’s region.

But there’s also a story in the data for those who worry that Minnesota isn’t as business friendly as Wisconsin. No matter how you view the politics and policy of the two states, economy-wise they remain pretty evenly matched.

— Paul Tosto

  • Bob Moffitt

    “There’s a stubborn conventional wisdom that Wisconsin’s economy is outgunning Minnesota.”

    Really? I had never heard that before.

  • Colin

    Unless they find gold or oil under their breweries and cheese factories, I don’t see Wisconsin taking any noticeable lead over Minnesota. North Dakota’s success is tied to natural resources.

  • Allen

    Like Mr. Moffitt, I have never heard anyone say that WI is outgunning us. More worrisome is that in 2012 we’re talking about whether or not our economy is better than Wisconsin’s matters. We need to compete with Germany, China, Taiwan, Texas, Alberta, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Vietnam, Arizona, Florida, South Korea, et al.

    Our economy can be better than Wisconsin’s for decades and it still wouldn’t mean we were doing well