It’s not the heat, it’s the haboob

Sure, it’s a little muggy today , last night’s storms weren’t conducive to a good night’s sleep, and the rare June sandbagging effort has been underway at a few homes along the Cannon and Little Cannon Rivers.

But it could be worse; you could live in Phoenix.

This storm, a “haboob,” hit on Saturday, coinciding with the Arizona Department of Transportation effort to call attention to haboobs by encouraging Twitter users to tweet their haboob haiku.

The haboob hubbub

The word glorifies dust walls

Just keep yourself safe.

Clearly we need some “humidity haiku” in these parts.

You go first.

  • Ken Isham-Schopf

    Hair curly, feet wet.

    Wearing the shroud of dew-point.

    You are a puddle.

  • Jim Shapiro

    As if one needed yet another reason to not want to live in Phoenix…

  • Sleep child, close eyes.

    Don’t touch me, it is too hot

    for a hug. Sorry.

  • John

    My brain melts to mush

    Very soon I will mildew

    Time to take clothes off

  • Jim Shapiro

    To comply with the request:

    Phoenix has hot air.

    Similar to a furnace.

    Then there’s sheriff joe.

  • milojo

    humid, damp, dewpoint

    hated phrases of summer

    crabby girl awakes

  • Jim Shapiro

    Humidity high

    And then there’s the no-see-ums

    Hide my .38

  • Colin

    As a Valley of the Sun resident, those storms really look more impressive than they actually are, you get a mouth full of dirt, and you’ll need a car wash. I was actually driving during it, and while one side of the intersection had a clear day, the other had maybe quarter mile visibility.

  • CHS

    you breathe jungle air

    uncomfortable you are

    until tomorrow

  • CHS

    So inspired by the theme I’ll add another.

    tropical dewpoint

    mojitos make me happy

    winter is nowhere

  • Kevin M

    Cannot put pants on

    Hot damp days of lethargy

    Shades closed until dusk