Duluth’s ‘unfair’ campaign tackles white privilege

Duluth’s “unfair” campaign, already a flashpoint for suggesting white people can’t see the racism in the community, is again the target of some opponents following the latest PSA video.

The group CampusReform.org, claims it’s obtained documents showing a backlash against the campaign on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus. It did not present the documents online, however.

The campaign launched in January as an anti-racism effort targeting the role white people can play in addressing racial disparities.

(h/t: Paul Tosto)

  • Neil

    This coming from an area that has what ? A 5 percent black population? As usual, ignorant liberals opening their pie hole about what they know nothing about. But it sounds good.. Right?

  • Kassie

    Oh dear. Do not read the comments on that Campus Reform website. Lots of white folk who are having a really hard time getting by in life because people of color are holding them down. It must be hard to go through life with that much hate in their hearts.

  • Ru

    The people behind this campaign are the TRUE racists!!!

  • Conservative

    So what they are saying is.. By being born with this color of skin, this race, I am inferior to those of different races.

    Well aren’t you the enlightened ones

  • Bryan0090

    Well, I’m NOT white and I don’t ever have a problem. Why? Because I don’t dress like a thug, my parents taught me to speak proper English, I don’t project an attitude and come across like evreybody owes me something. I go to church, don’t do drugs, and don’t have tats all over my body. At least 90% of all the problems would be solved if we didn’t set our cultural standards at the lowest common denominator. When you are taught that being a pimp is something to aspire to, you know your culture has problems.The only people that have tried to enslave me is white liberals pushing welfare and and a less than mentality on my family. Yes, my view isn’t popular, but it’s better than going through life thinking eveyone is out to get you.

  • Mike D.
  • BillB

    Unfortunately this is the fallout of years of group navel button contemplation, they have lost all contact with reality, the net effect being myself and many other people outside the unversity systems give very little credibility to the products of the university systems these days. The string of alpha characters after a graduate’s name does not mean what it used to. If I were king no one could teach more than five years at which point they would be forced out of the university system and required to survive outside the unversity system for five years practicing what they teach before they could return to teaching.

    This is disappointing behavior by people in responsible positions.

  • Troy

    What’s interesting is that people who are so animate against this campaign, don’t show the same anger when racism is directed towards others races.

    Even though this campaign is NOT calling anyone racist. It’s saying it’s hard to see racism when it’s not directed towards you on a regular basis.

  • B Joe

    I don’t see what the problem is. The ads aren’t calling anyone racist. They aren’t saying that it’s always easy to be white. What the ads are saying is that, in the aggregate, white people benefit from being members of the dominant cultural group. It isn’t racist to point this out, because facts aren’t racist.

    I do think it is interesting the first response of a lot of people when it comes to discussions of race is to accuse the other side of being racist, regardless of the details of the actual discussion. For instance, the first response of a lot of folks to being confronted with the existence of white privilege is to kick and scream about how oppressing it is to be confronted with the concept of white privilege. It’s a convenient way of sidetracking meaningful discussion.

  • K Pollock

    In the aggregate?? B Joe, that’s just another way of generalizing, which if a white person did that regarding other races(IE, all black people love to eat chicken), then we’d be considered racist. So don’t come off like the champion of a liberal movement who’s only goal is to shift blame of one’s own inability to accept their own failures as a fault of their own shortcomings and blame white people. I’m white and I face loads of problems, but I don’t turn to drugs, alcohol or thuggery to overcome them. I accept my own failures, why don’t you?

  • Mike

    I am white of an ethnic European background. I cannot go to Africa and have them clothe, house and feed and educate me and my numerous offspring while providing an income on welfare, nor China or Asia. In fact they will give me second preference when it comes to work and any other social claim. For this reason I choose not to live in Africa, China etc. If blacks are so oppressed may I suggest they go to Israel to demand a people that hate them provide for them for life. The the horrible racist white societies no longer have a race problem, and everyone is happy…

    Thing is when I go abroad I always respect the host nation’s culture, observe their customs and rules and do not expect any form of privilege afforded to me.

    It’s their society and their rules, I respect and admire them for that, I do not wish to holiday in ghana and find it 70% non Ghanain, nor Japan and hope it to be 70%+ non Japanese…do any of you brainwashed morons see what I’m getting at?

  • Dennis Metz

    the sad thing is blacks keep crying about white privilege while all the while they enjoy the most privileges of any race in history. name me one white group designed to protect white rights? then think of all the groups designed to help blacks. you got the black caucus of congress blacks are always welcome to hold an all black meeting to help better their own kind. they have had affirmative action for years and even in the military they must promote on skin color for blacks over a more qualified person. whites got none of these things and if there was any group to represent whites it would quickly be attacked. but blacks can have their own black groups. and the bottom line is when you put a black in charge of hiring then he/she wont hire nothing but blacks. I know a black man that is a supervisor in charge of an administrative department in a veterans hospital that interviews job seekers and hires over 90 percent black women and sometimes hires a black man the only time he hires a white is a woman and just to keep the union off his back. I also know a man at a coke factory that does the same thing so you tell me who really has the privilige?

  • Dennis Metz

    Mike I think what your trying to say is , the Japanese are smart enough to control their immigration for they know if they let in millions of russians etc it would soon become a nation of russians vice Japanese. blacks know this and the more of a race you put in congress and the house the more they fight to do things that favor them, blacks would love to kill off the crackers and they want as many more people that hate whites to be in a position to cause conflict. the more of them the easier to control whitey. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/ahmadinejad-farrakhan-new-black-panthers-shocking-new-details-on-their-meeting-the-beast-alliance-that-was-forged/

    Black radicals should seek “alliances that are possible right now with people who got solid track records of being against this beast [white people].”

    Envisions the “glory” of “paroling on the Israeli embassy with a hundred New Black Panthers” fighting for Palestine.

    Fighting white people is an “international struggle against a common enemy.”

  • Mike Young

    Joe can you really believe this this is what u wrote

    “I don’t see what the problem is. The ads aren’t calling anyone racist. They aren’t saying that it’s always easy to be white. What the ads are saying is that, in the aggregate, white people benefit from being members of the dominant cultural group. It isn’t racist to point this out, because facts aren’t racist”.

    all you have to do is reverse the colors or races and repeat it in any thing your read and see how it sounds, if this were about black privilege then blacks leaders would be outraged and would be asking for the author to be fired

    this has become one of their code words to discredit whites and keep up their black privilege without whites caring to voice concerns for fear of being called racist

    we know who the real privileged are the affirmative action hoes

  • Tomasena Scott


    ‘You give me better jobs, better pay, better treatment, and a better chance – all because of the color of my skin,’ reads one poster from the ‘Un-Fair Campaign’, which wants to change the racial make-up of Duluth because figures suggest similar but more diverse cities across the Midwest are performing better economically.l


    and they got a lot more crime that white towns that is a guarantee these fools want to bring in blacks and then here them cry about being held down untill the get some in charge and the whites can kiss their jobs and freedoms and safety goodbye you do not see a push to bring more non blacks into blacks places , who would want to live in a crime infested craphole where blacks have destroyed. these people do not seem to understand that every were blacks get a group in it they terrorize whites to no end and they are asking for trouble but I wonder who is really behind this the black panthers? or some other black group

  • Xiccarph

    WOW! Where to start on this one….!?!??

    The University of Minnesota, a bastion of ultra left/progressive Utopianism. UMD is even more off the wall than its Twin Cities’ Big Brother, so this kind of idiocy is not at all surprising. Too bad that 7″ rainfall didn’t wash some of the stupid off some people there.

    A suggestion for the participants-funders-supporters related to this PSA (PSA??…really?!?…that in itself is an oxymoron):

    Put your guilt-ridden action where your guilt-ridden verbage is…all of you privileged, guilty whitey Utopians all resign and/or leave that Institution of “Higher Learning” [SIC]. This will leave all your spots potentially open for a member of an underprivileged group to take. Perhaps they will make better use of the alleged purpose of UMD, which historically was something called “education”.

    You make a purely racist PSA to “fight” racism? You got to be kidding…no…I guess you’re not, because you are all simplex minded idiots.

    -A really ticked off UofM employee

  • D. Scully

    WTF, America? Since when do black people have a monopoly on poverty and prejudice? I know a white girl who lived IN A CAR in western Kentucky as a small child, and I’m sure she wouldn’t approve this message.

    Being white is not a privilege. Being ALIVE is a privilege. We are all together on a rock floating in space, and the sooner we stop passing the buck and blaming someone else for our shortcomings, the sooner the world will be a better place.

  • Michelle123

    This is my definition of white privilege: to have someone see your whiteness and before knowing anything about you having them make a positive assumption about your quality, value, desirability, skill, and intelligence as a person as opposed to having the opposite assumption made because of your darkness, having to constantly prove otherwise, and even then still having it doubted. Now, if you can sincerely deny that that’s how it works, then just go ahead and jump off a cliff then shoot yourself in the head on the way down.

  • Censorship is despicable

    Why did you censor my comment? Was it too logical for you “progressives”? Did it make too much sense?

    Are you the kind of naive white “progressive” dogmatists that believe that only whites can be “racist” because “people of color” don’t have any “power”?

    In 1991, while waiting at a red light, I was briefly carjacked and stabbed almost to death by a black man who had been standing on the corner. I naively had my car doors unlocked.

    While he was stabbing me in my back and neck, he also called me a “white mf-er” repeatedly.

    His knife went 4 inches deep into where my neck meets my back. It cut my meningeal sheath (the ultra-thin protective membrane of the spinal cord) and cut my rib off of my T1 vertebra.

    I was nearly paralyzed from the neck down. The doctor said it was a miracle that I wasn’t paralyzed. He compared it to stabbing wildly at an orange on a table, and the knife going just between the skin and the flesh of the orange, and causing no orange juice (spinal fluid) to leak out.

    The results of this injury are severe chronic pain, PTSD, and sleep depravation due to the pain.

    How dare you say that only whites can be racist.

    The black man who nearly killed me did not need any kind of vague “power”, state, institutional, or otherwise, in order to qualify as being “racist”, other than the power of his mouth to call me a “white mf-er”, and the power of his muscles as he stabbed me nearly to death with his knife.

    I just disproved your whole “progressive” race dogma, but you are probably too blinded by your dogma and too naive and sheltered in super-white Duluth to understand.

  • Bob Collins

    // Why did you censor my comment? Was it too logical for you “progressives”? Did it make too much sense?

    I’ve never allowed obscenities in comments and this isn’t the day I start.

  • Censorship is dispicable

    My apologies, however his racist verbal abuse is an important part of my story.

  • Bob Collins

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