Blog housekeeping

One of the advantages NewsCut has had over other blogs is the quality of the comments. They add value to the dissection of news.

Of late, however, I’ve noticed a general decline in some of the value and this usually goes hand in hand with people using fake names and fake e-mail addresses.

So, it’s time to enforce an important — if often ignored — paragraph in the Terms of Use.

You may not post any messages misrepresenting yourself as someone else, or by using a false e-mail address. In MPR and APM forums and content contributions, you must post under your own username, and are responsible for all posts from your account.

When making a comment, please be sure to provide a real name and a real verifiable e-mail address.

  • Kassie

    At least once I have posted something under a false name, but with my correct email, because it was something I didn’t want my employer to see and connect to me. I felt it contributed to the conversation and did not include inflammatory remarks. I won’t do that anymore, but sometimes using a fake name can add to a conversation if anonymity is needed.

  • Bob Collins

    // , but sometimes using a fake name can add to a conversation if anonymity is needed.

    And I’ve actually met you and know your email address, so in that respect, you’re not really anonymous to me and I can judge and confirm the veracity of your information.

  • BJ

    I love it when ‘those people’ write the ‘why did you censor me’ and the ‘haven’t you heard about the first amendment’ type comments – and you leave those in.

  • Jamie

    For a while, I think I was using the wrong e-mail address because I mis-typed at some point and then I would just select that wrong address that would automatically appear as I started to type it into the e-mail field. I didn’t really pay any attention to it until you mentioned something about e-mail addresses before, Bob. Then I noticed that a couple letters were transposed or something, so I fixed it.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Hey Bob – Maybe I’LL visit the office when I’m there in August so you can be sure I’M who I claim to be. (Don’t worry, I assume they don’t give out your home address 🙂

    I actually have a dear old friend in the employ of MPR, but I’ve promised not to divulge her/his name, so as not to tempt you to do things to them that you would like to do to me.

  • B Joe

    My email is legit, but I typically haven’t posted with my real name because I typically haven’t worked for people who want employees who express their opinions publicly. I could probably rectify this now.

  • The Big Dog

    That’s interesting, I can give you my real name, it is in the e-mail address, but my friends, my students, my parents, and even my own kids refer to me as “Big Dog”. I guess over the course of a lifetime I have come to like that name better than Gary, and never even thought twice about using it, and assumed that Bob, whom I have never met, would know me as The Big Dog.