A migraine by any other name

There should be another term for a migraine headache, because migraine headache doesn’t come close to conveying the severity of one. Just ask anyone who’s called in sick with a migraine headache.

The extent of their neurological impact, however, is in the news this week after a Texas Rangers’ announcer on Monday night started talking about runners on fifth, botched robberies, and a henchman.

Some people watching thought he was having a stroke, but the team says he had a migraine headache. See? I told you that term doesn’t work. The impact of a migraine can mimic a stroke, a neurologist says.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Skull torture?

  • Kim E

    A few summers ago, my husband and I were on our way to a barbecue, when he started acting very strangely. He seemed in a daze and gave unusual responses to questions and just didn’t seem like himself. I was worried he was having a stroke, but we later figured out it was just a migraine. It was scary because I don’t think he’s had any history of migraines in the past, but luckily he hasn’t had one since. I’m always interested in news stories like these where the newscasters experience something similar.

  • allie

    It feels like such a cop-out to say you have a migraine, but folks really can’t understand what they’re like unless they experience migraines. Complete incoherence. Add on that, for some of us, they occur regularly with other–ahem–hormone-related lady issues, and it makes for a ridiculous monthly torture session. Ugh.

  • Joe Busch

    And MLB Advanced Media jumps in and claims copyright on a video put out by a news organization. Stay classy, MLB.