1,000 Words: The storm pictures

A picture is just a picture?

There’s a great example in the news today of how two “eyes” can see the same thing, and compose the picture in different ways. In this case, it’s a car hit by a falling power line/pole on Pilot Knob Road in Farmington this morning.

The picture on the left is from the Star Tribune. The picture on the right is from SunThisWeek.com.


Clearly, there’s more to the art of photojournalism than point-and-shoot.

  • Heather

    So, if that’s your car, how do you get out?

  • CHS

    Heather – You don’t.

    Call for assitance and wait for the power company to come get the line off your vehicle and let you out. Just because the line is down doesn’t mean it’s not live. Getting out of the car could put you into a shocking situation, literally.