Twins playoff odds? Still bad

Hope springs eternal. But it shouldn’t — at least when it comes to baseball.

Baseball loves statistics and the numbers show that, despite winning four of the last five games, the Twins have almost no chance of making the playoffs. The projections from two baseball data sites bear that out. gives the Twins slightly more than a one percent chance of making the playoffs this season.

Baseball Prospectus is, shall we say, less sanguine, putting the odds at zero.

On Friday, Sports Illustrated declared the glory days gone for the “bumbling Minnesota Twins.

Fifty years after the 1962 Mets pushed the possibilities of ineptitude to a modern-era low by going 40-120 in their debut season, the Twins are on pace for a 51-win season.

Only four other teams over the past half-century have been so disastrous over a full 162-game season: the 1963 Mets and 2004 Diamondbacks, both of which went 51-111, the 1965 Mets that went 50-112, and the 2003 Tigers, who finished 43-119, the worst record in American League history.

Sadly, the piece reaches for the “Minnesota Nice” cliche and notes, “no one’s throwing tantrums to protest the losses.”

Maybe the team needs to take its cue from ex-Twins player David Ortiz.

Frustrated by the poor start of his Boston Red Sox, Ortiz pulled together a private team meeting, calling on the so-far lousy starting pitchers to step it up.

It’s already paid off, with the Sox winning eight of 10 since the heart-to-heart.

Anyone on the Twins willing to call out their teammates? Maybe more daunting: Who on the team has had a good enough year so far to point the finger at others?

— Paul Tosto

  • BenCh

    Sadly, I think Gardenhire’s time has come. I don’t have anything against him, but seasons like the last two call for some dramatic changes. I think the attendance still show that quite a few people still love the Twins, but I contribute that mainly to the fact that Minnesotans like sports no matter if the team is good or bad.

    //Who on the team has had a good enough year so far to point the finger at others?

    I would say Willingham is having the best season out of everyone- but that isn’t saying much.

  • bsimon

    I thought this fancy new stadium we bought was going to make the twins competitive. What happened?

  • Disco

    The fact that it’s 4.40pm the day after Jason Marquis gave up eight earned runs in 1.2 innings and evidently STILL has a job says everything you need to know about this team.

    Winning is not a priority or even an objective. Target Field is still printing money for the Pohlads; when 35,000 suckers still fill the stands and purchase inedible hot dogs, there exists little incentive to change.

    So far no local sports columnist has attained this level of cynicism. How long will that take?

  • Jim Shapiro

    The buck stops where the bucks stop. Jim Pohlad and Mr. Bi-lateral Leg Pain Mauer.

    Both very nice guys who aren’t doing their jobs, but are crying all the way to the bank in spite of it.