The squirrel opener

Fish. Shmish.

Squirreling season has opened in Minnesota…

  • Jim Shapiro

    Thanks for sharing this fascinating nature documentary/instructional film.

    One of the many things that I miss not living in Minnesota are the healthy squirrel herds.

    Here at the beach in southern California, the squirrels tend to have the physique of an anorexic model, in spite of all the sushi that the tourists feed them.

  • Daniel Pinkerton

    I assume that the squirrels in Southern California, like everybody else, have had work done.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Daniel – The girl squirrels are the one’s that tend to have the work done. But regardless of how many nuts they pay the squirrel surgeons, you can almost always tell. Especially at the beach. While some boy squirrels really like it, I’m a natural kind of guy myself.

  • Charles

    I’ve seen this guy in trees. He’s amazing at this!

  • Ally

    I am completely inspired to take up a new hobby and get to know Gustav!