The joy of flying

If your flight’s departure is ever delayed for 20 minutes, there are worse things in the world than having a group of musicians on their way to the Romanian Art Festival in Bucharest.

It happened in Toronto — apparently this week.

Canada has different airline security rules, apparently.

(h/t: Roger Gomoll)

  • jon

    Out of curiosity, what security violations are you seeing?

    Many serious musicians will purchase a seat for their instruments to allow them to be carried on (cause they rightfully don’t trust baggage handlers with a Stradivarius Violin, or similar.) I suppose they had electronics turned on, but if they were at the terminal that shouldn’t be an issue.

    Seems like it could be legit.

  • Bob Collins

    Jon, people get thrown off flights in the U.S. for kissing.

    Also, electronic gear. I remember sitting about 100 feet away from the gate at MSP once upon landing and a guy pulled out a laptop while we waiting for an hour. Flight attendants went crazy, of course, because of the rule about stowing electronic gear once the doors are closed.

    Good on Air Canada for having common sense and not being afraid of everyone’s shadow.

  • CHS

    Makes me feel a lot better about the 4 hour layover I will have in Toronto this summer.

  • allie

    Anytime our choir toured in college (I went to one of those Lutheran music-heavy schools, so we really weren’t half bad), we’d line up in the aisles and sing a piece for passengers. I always wondered if people actually enjoyed it, or whether we were doing it more for ourselves.

    I suspect we’d have done better with Balkan dance music, rather than Swedish folk songs.

    Either way, this was post-2001, and none of the airline staff ever seemed to have a problem with it (we checked with them ahead of time, of course).

  • Bob Collins

    I tried to watch the other passengers’ reaction in this piece. I wonder how it would go over with a flight full of Minnesotans?

  • BenCh

    //I wonder how it would go over with a flight full of Minnesotans?

    Well for that you would just need a book of Sven and Ollie jokes, or maybe some re-enactments of A Prairie Home Companion…