The art of giving back

San Francisco’s Old Skool Cafe is the work of Teresa Goines, a former juvenile corrections officer who saw the revolving door of juvenile justice She had no culinary training, and no money, but she started a program to provide cooking lessons for a handful of troubled kids.

This kind of stuff begets this kind of stuff. A film production company has vowed to “give back” by donating its talents to tell one deserving story a year. Today’s it’s out with the story of Old Skool.

Who do you know who’s giving back? Tell me.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Bob – I read – and comment on – ( much to many a fellow readers’ dismay, no doubt) this blog thing of yours for many reasons.

    Not the least of which being that you have the ability to catalyze a vast spectrum of emotions – from hilarity to rage, with a renewed faith in our fellow humanoids thrown in there somewhere in between.

    This theme of course falls into the latter category.

    Thanks for your good work. I’ve recently fallen into the enviable position of being able to give nice chunks of money no strings attached to nonprofits. I’ll contact these folks and see if they’re interested.