Polls on Obama same-sex marriage position not telling us much

5-14-12-2.png The results of a new Pew survey on President Obama’s new position on same-sex marriage is certainly challenging the headline writers to pick a statistic.

Half Say View of Obama Not Affected by Gay Marriage Decision” is the headline Pew went with and that certainly is true, according to the survey.

It’s also true that 25 percent of those surveyed view Obama less favorably.

In both cases, it doesn’t really tell us much other than people who were more likely to vote for Obama for re-election are OK with his statements last week, and those who were are less likely to vote for him aren’t happy.

Here’s the whole survey.

Of course it’s also true that popular vote polls are fairly irrelevant in presidential politics, because that’s not the way we elect presidents. There is no geographic breakdown of this particular poll and until we see specific polls from swing states, it’s fairly impossible to judge what effect the same-sex marriage issue might have on November’s vote.

  • Christin

    My friend Andy wrote: “…This is not bravery, this is calculation…Be excited that a change is slowly coming, but be careful who you heap praise on for this change. There are heroes everywhere, and none of mine are running for office.”

  • Jim Shapiro

    Personally, I’m a “get the State outta the mating biz – if you wanna throw a ritual to celebrate it, go to the local irrational beliefs cult of your choice” kinda guy.

    But of course there are numerous legal and financial issues involved, and those rights of partnership should not be restricted based on one’s preferred sexual organ.

    At this point, almost everyone opposed to granting those equal rights to our fellow citizens claim their position is based on the Big Story Book of their own irrational beliefs cult.

    And the presidential candidate who belongs to the magic undies cult is currently one of the loudest voices in opposition to any marriage that isn’t one man-one woman.

    (In spite of the fact that his own grandfather fled the country so he could be a polygamist.)

    Aren’t people funny when they’re frightened? Or pandering for votes?

  • andy


    Spot on.

  • jon

    I didn’t understand the news articles about peoples votes not being swayed by Obama embracing same sex marriage…

    If you supported same sex marriage before Obama came out and said he did, then you probably were looking to Obama over Romney any how. If you opposed Same Sex marriage, then you were probably looking at Romney over Obama any how. This changes nothing, and apparently nothing changing only came as a surprise to the 24 hour news cycle crowd

  • Jim!!!

    Well said @other Jim!