Live-blogging the Vikings stadium debate

The Minnesota House of Representatives passed the Vikings stadium bill after nine hours of debate on a 73-to-58 vote. Here’s the entire bill. The major changes were:

** State will share in naming rights income and will cap state portion of construction costs. The Vikings do not like this provision.

** Provides a 25% payment of the TOTAL SELLING PRICE to the state if the Vikings sell. That percentage is reduced 1% each year. The original bill called for a payment of the PROFIT only.

** The Vikings, rather than the stadium authority, would be responsible for operating overruns once the stadium is running

  • Donny

    Thanks for all your work today Bob. You seemed fairly confident about a bill passing the senate. Should I feel that way too?

  • MikeB

    Thanks for doing this Bob. An exercise in civics, mob democracy, and sausage making.