Canoe country

We spend most of our waking hours these days poring over the news, looking for a nugget of relevance here or there.

Then we stumbled across this video today and suddenly were hit with a question: “If the sound of news doesn’t make it to the forest, is it still news?”

This concludes this week’s news.

  • Brent

    Let the weekend begin! What a great way to set it off. Disappearing from the news for a trip like that always feels great to me. I am missing it now!

  • bsimon

    A cousin of mine once noted that the news is like a soap opera. When you’re hooked, you think you can’t live without it, but in reality you can take a year off, return & within a week you know everything that happened.

  • Jim Shapiro

    bsimon – If we’re fortunate, news is usually something that happens to someone else, very far away.

    Although I’m one of the wretched addicts that you refer too, I once quit a job as a regional editor that payed much more than I was worth, in part because of the wise accuracy of your insights.

    The other reason that I quit was because as a reporter, you generally have human contact with the story that you’re working, whereas as an editor….

  • Bob Collins

    FTR, I was using the royal “we”

  • Jim Shapiro

    Bob – I like to use the papal “we”.

  • Kevin

    Sometime in most of our lifetimes the news will be readily available in the BWCAW as well. Then what will we do?

  • Tom

    We’ll leave the smart phone at home.

  • Bonnie

    thanks for that. awesome video. I hope the uninitiated realize that he was portaging his canoe and gear on the trail portions. We had an interesting experience in 2001. Had a trip planned for September. Decided to keep our plans to enter the bwca on the 14th. Met a couple of guys on their way out, who had been on a trip all week. They were done paddling and thought they were going to drive back to MSP and fly back to their east coast homes. We told them there were no flights. They thought we were joshing.

    For a few blissfully ignorant days, these fishermen were among the few on the planet that had no idea what had happened.