What some people will do for an education

Some people see the value of an education; some people don’t. Put Xiang Yuncui in the former category. Xiang Yuncui, 57, carries her granddaughter, Tan, to school every day. It’s a three-mile trip she’s made for the last three years. Tan has cerebral palsy and can’t walk. Once at school, Xiang waits for her granddaughter, and then carries her home again.

She’s never been late for school.

ITN has the full story.

  • BenCh

    I wish more Americans valued education, or even paid attention to how much they pay for classes. So far in an Intro Science course I have had to teach college kids how to add negative numbers and about exponents (such as 1^7 is NOT the same as 1*10^7). I even had someone say how they are “a Communications major so I don’t even know why I have to know this stuff.” Note it was also the same person who can barely do math.

    I just wish more people took education as something to value and not as something that is some kind of given right.

    I used to think about the kids in Africa who risk getting murdered (especially females) and walk MILES to school every day. I have only missed one class throughout all of high school and college simply because I always thing about what some people will go through just to get the opportunity I probably take for granted.

  • Jim Shapiro

    “She’s never been late for school.”

    This story would probably fit pretty well into the LOVE category as well.

    ( And MY spousal unit will probably be late to her own funeral 🙂