The wasteful culture in song

Among the government crowd, this video is the talker of the day…

The video, which surfaced this week, was the winner in a talent contest among 300 employees of the General Services Administration at an October 2010 “training and team-building” conference in Las Vegas.

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson resigned and two of her top deputies who attended the conference were fired this week.

The GSA employee who made the lampooning video refused to comment when the Washington Post contacted him at his Honolulu office.

  • Kassie

    Love it. I too want to be commissioner some day. I have big hopes and dreams for my agency. Just like this guy, new, nicer computers are at the top of the list.

    It is amazing that people are taking this seriously. At least that’s what it seems from the YouTube comments. Public employees are seen by the scum of the earth by a certain (growing?) portion of society and if we don’t laugh, we will cry.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Accurately or not, I think of government work as one guy in a hole with a shovel and 3 guys standing around carefully critiquing his use of it.

    ( Not true of human service workers, who are overwhelmed with work loads).

    I can just imagine the life of the average government worker in Hawaii, which has never be confused with Germany in terms of it’s cultural work ethic.