Tales from the other side of the counter

Colleague Julia Schrenkler and I came across this sign at the Hamm Building branch of the Post Office today (the best Post Office branch in the country by the way).


Everybody’s got a “cellphone guy (or woman)” story. What’s yours?

(Photo: Julia Schrenkler)

  • Xopher

    It happens to me several times a day. I am there for their benefit only, to cheerfully facilitate their consumption, and they cannot be bothered to speak to me or listen to anything I say. There are too many such instances to pick a favorite. Nothing is shocking anymore.

  • Jennifer

    I used to work at a coffee shop. Once while running the register during the busy morning shift, a woman got up to the register after waiting in line and there were still others in line behind her. When I started to open my mouth to ask for her order, she gave me this look as if to say “Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something important” and held a single index finger up in my direction while she continued her conversation on her cell phone. She continued to be annoyed as I insisted that she either order or let someone else do so and finally put her cell phone briefly to her shoulder, rolled her eyes, and curtly stated what she wanted only to immediately return to her call. It was unbelievable.

  • Bob Moffitt

    The Hamm Building post office is still open? That’s good news. As I recall, they were really nice folks working there when I used to stop in from time to time.

  • Paul J

    I friend was in line at Chipotle behind a guy who was on his phone throughout the process. At the cash register the phone-guy took his food and headed for the door still talking and walking as the cashier called after him repeatedly that he had forgotten his change. My friend finally took the $5 from the cashier, put it in the tip jar, and asked how much his own meal would be. He later referred to it as a d-bag tax.