Hitting a new low in Brainerd

In Brainerd, a woodcarved statue, depicting an elephant sitting on a stump that has the name “Jack” carved on it, stands at the entrance to the property of Donna and Jim Larson on Sorenson Lake Road.

Or at least it used to.

The woodcarving commemorates the life of Jack Larson, a 3 1/2 year old who died in a traffic accident in May of 2009

“He couldn’t go to sleep without that little stuffed elephant,” Donna Larson, the boy’s grandmother, told the Brainerd Dispatch.

Someone has stolen the statue, the paper reports.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Maybe it was the same scumbag who stole the statue of the Lorax from the home of Dr. Seuss here in San Diego.

  • Ryan

    This is one of the most depressing stories that I have read all day. What is it with people anyway?