History in a wheelchair

It was a touching moment in Washington today when a group of Minnesota schoolkids was about to board a flight home after a trip to the East Coast.


(Photo: Jim Gray)

Aviation pal Jim Gray, who works at St. Cloud’s KVSC by day, has been chaperoning the senior class at Buffalo Lake Hector high school, where his wife teaches.

For the last seven days, the kids have been getting a dose of history up close, visiting the historical sites in Washington, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Jamestown and New York City.

Their brush with “history” this morning was more personal.

As they waited to board their Sun Country flight home, the inbound flight from Green Bay was disgorging its passengers.

” As we are waiting to load our group onto the plane, we were told this was an ‘Honor Flight,’ filled with WWII vets brought to DC to see their memorial and others,” Gray reports.

So as the vets, many in wheelchairs, got off the plane, the kids gave them a standing ovation.

It was the Old Glory Honor Flight that left this morning from Appleton. An organization flies the vets to Washington free.

  • Bob Moffitt

    Life comes full circle. When those servicemen were young, their Commander-in-Chief made history from a wheelchair. Now, they roll back to our Capitol in wheelchairs to see the monuments we have built to their bravery and service.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Well deserved for the fighters of the last good war.

    We’ll know that we’ve made it as a society when conscientious objectors to all of the chessgame and corrupt wars since have honor flights too.

    One could even argue that there’s MORE honor on the part of the individual who chooses imprisonment or public service over blind cannonfoddership.

    If one wanted to argue about it 🙂