Google’s new reality

You know those people who walk around with the bluetooth earset? It should come as good news that Google appears to be well on its way to replacing them with this:


Today, Google unveiled Project Glass, which — it says “helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment.” Translated: It means you can always be connected .

Check out the official video: sees the benefits of this new world, and the drawback:

How can people maintain privacy when anyone can shoot video undetected? Will any teenager ever complete a face-to-face conversation when business e-mails, fresh family photos and Kardashian news spontaneously pop up in our fields of vision?

Really when you think about it, the possibilities of such systems are dazzling and dumbfounding. Consider that another paper co-authored by Parviz explores the idea of contact lenses that meter health issues by analyzing tear fluids “in a noninvasive and continuous fashion.” The information is then sent wirelessly for medical analysis. It’s easy to imagine a Glass-like connection as way to persistently jack into a vast informationsphere. It’s also provocative to envision how Glass would enhance Girls Around Me.

The Bluetoothers are going to love this.

  • BenCh

    Sooo can I wear them with my glasses on or will I need to wear contacts?

  • I’m too connected already. I can imagine people disconnecting from the real world having “face-to-face” conversations with people far away while annoying the hell out of people they’re actually with. Or worse, walking in front of a bus.

  • Recent research has shown that people who wear headphones are more likely to get hit by vehicles. I predict this new technology will increase the numbers of Darwin Award winners.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Jack and Drae – Hear hear.

    I just doubled my contribution to the Luddite Foundation.

    And these people have the audacity to claim that it “puts you back in the moment”?!? With a straight face?!?

    We shall fight the Borg to our last breaths.

  • Brian

    Is this Google April Fooling us a few days late? This has to be one of the final nails in the coffin of face to face conversation. Yeah, online communication and connectivity allows us to do amazing things but this is one step too far.

  • @Jim Shapiro – All I can hear in my head is Doomtree’s Sims singing “Future Shock.” It’s a great song where he discusses how technology has brought us closer together and yet conversly further apart. I’m not sure what the solution is, but I’m fairly sure it’s not social media in my shades.

  • no no no no.

  • bri-bri

    Oh, HELL no. This is what Google’s been doing instead of making Calendar usable? Weak. Sauce.

  • Kate Agnew

    This is the coolest thing EVER. I cannot WAIT until this becomes the norm. Yippie!!! I

  • Aaron

    wasn’t it predicted that we would be living like the jetsons in the early 2000 era? I’m not surprised that someone is finally coming out with this kind of technology – finally. If it works the way it’s suppose it, it will be great. Just like a smartphone or different mobile computing device, you can always leave it behind to escape if you wanted. Wasn’t it CNN who debuted a teleporting device in the 2008 election night? It’s just a matter of time before what we see in the movies becomes a reality.

  • Bonnie

    I think about the trip I took with my daughter to Rome and then Venice,not really that long ago, but before we had gps smartphones. We got lost, lost again, lost yet again. And sometimes it was frustrating. But more often than not we stumbled upon cool stuff and the experience was, well, you know.

    And then there was the trip to Russia with a great friend, and our experience trying to use the subway when we obviously couldn’t speak or read the language and just had to make the best of reading the symbols. Lost again.

    So, I see this technology as a tradeoff between us being lost and spontaneous vs. knowing exactly where we are and calculating every move.


  • BJ

    I’m with bri-bri – you have some cool tools already make those better!

    Self driving cars are cool google can keep working on that one.

  • Ugh. No thank you, Google. I already have way too much internet junk distracting me.

  • jon

    Complaining on the internet about technology you read about on the internet. Is there a German word for that?

    This will be cool.

    I would likely not wear one.

    If Google can drop the voice controls for another more private control scheme I might wear one, preferably in place of a cell phone, and my regular glasses.

    I look forward to having something like this on the windshield of my (mostly) self driving car.

    This is a start, where it will lead I do not know, I suspect it will finally solve the problem of “I want a cell phone with a 12 inch display that can fit in my pocket!”

  • Jim Shapiro

    jon – “Complaining on the internet about technology you read about on the internet. Is there a German word for that?”