Goodbye, Lingerie League

Hi, and welcome if you’re a first-time reader of NewsCut. Perhaps you’re here in Minnesota to attend the tryouts for the Lingerie Football League in Long Lake this weekend.

Go home.

The LFL has announced there will be no season in 2012. The commissioner of the league sent an e-mail to confirming the news:

“Yes, we have shifted the LFL US schedule, because we believe ultimately LFL Football in the US and abroad is a better product in the Spring and Summer months. This extended hiatus also enables our LFL US teams to focus on recruiting and ultimately continuing to teach the fundamentals of the game.”

“This hiatus also enables us to take this great game of ours international with the premiere of LFL Canada and in 2013 the kickoff of LFL Australia. We are focused to not simply resting on being called the ‘fastest growing sports league in the US’ (BusinessWeek) but the fastest growing sports franchise in the world.”

One of the “fundamentals of the game” might be this one: Put some clothes on.

The local team finished last season 1-3, tied for last in its division, as befits Minnesota sports teams.

  • One thing I have found recently that there are other leagues in MN, through a co-worker is involved with the Womens Tackle Football league – they can be found at if you are interested.

  • Jim Shapiro

    James – I think you’re kinda missing the point. If I wanted to watch women trying to be like men, I could watch the Packers.

  • Bonnie

    I would really like to have the opportunity to know and talk with some of these athletes. Women who love their sports will do just about anything ( and have to )…but I can only assume it is that important and pretty much is their life. I don’t see it as all that far from what women in other walks of life do. You just put up with the garbage, because there is no other way to do what you want to do and/or make a decent living. Hopefully both, but that’s rare for anyone.

    But in a “man’s” world it comes with a pricetag. Whether you are an accountant or a football player.

    So now what are they going to do…