For the dog

Today’s best story in the news didn’t involve inappropriate affairs, murder, or politicians. But it reminds us that the most compelling stories are the ones that don’t make the top of any newscast.

And yet, “people drop everything to save a dog” is an important story to remember.


Travis Heying, a photojournalist in Wichita, captured — and immediately tweeted — a two-and-a-half-hour rescue of a dog today that had fallen into a river.

All of Heying’s tweets and posts have been assembled here.’s story finishes the tale:

But after a long time, and under the gaze of television and video cameras, Wells called a news conference, to tell the somber news: Taz had disappeared, possibly to never be found alive.

Around him, firefighters were packing up gear.

But then a bystander saw what looked like a tiny, tiny puff of smoke, poofing out of a tiny hole in the concrete near where Taz disappeared on the ledge under the sidewalk.

That bystander told firefighter Larry Inlow, a tall young firefighter with a wiry, athletic build. Soccer fans in Wichita will no doubt recognize the name: In his second job, he plays for the Wichita Wings. Inlow knew it wasn’t smoke; it was probably dust, blown out by a dog nose pressed up against the tiny hole, trying to suck in oxygen.

Inlow quickly went to that tiny hole in the embankment concrete, and stuck his ear right up to it.

He heard breathing.

Dog breath.

Sometimes it takes a dog to make us see humanity.

  • Suzanne

    I always love a dog story, especially reunions between lost pets and their people.

  • Josh

    This makes me want to run home and hug my dog.