Blind man to see 30 parks in 30 days

reggie_deal.jpg In two weeks, Reggie Deal will plop down in a seat at Target Field at Minneapolis and be generally unimpressed by the skyline, the giant Target ad on Target Center, or the big light pole beyond the rightfield bleachers. Deal won’t see any of those things, but despite being blind, he’ll drink the scene in with other senses.

“There are a lot of things you’re able to experience,” he tells, “when your faculties take over and supplement what’s not there.”

Deal has started a mission to visit 30 baseball parks in 30 days. He’s sandwiching Minneapolis in between Boston and Phoenix.

“I want people to have a different visual of what blindness entails,” the Wyoming man said. “People get caught up in the negative, but there are ways to work around it.”

He’s documenting his trip on his Facebook page (he’s also on Twitter), where it’s obvious one of his biggest challenges will be how to fit in all the fans who want to meet him into what must surely be a hectic schedule to make the ballgames and the airline connections.

“People ask me, ‘How can you enjoy the game without seeing it?'” he said. “I say, ‘You don’t realize how much of the game you can pick up on until you close your eyes.'”

  • Aaron

    This is great! I wonder who is paying for this? Himself or the MLB or someone else… It really gives people a different perspective when you see things in a different light – figuratively and literally. I’m curious how he updates twitter and facebook.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Very cool. And what an inspiration Reggie Deal is.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see that there are always other possibilities.

    ( Maybe he can get a job training umpires 🙂

  • Brian

    The Red Sox org are a bunch of morons, but I put some of the blame on MLB. They obviously know he’s embarking on this great adventure, but MLB isn’t alerting teams that he will be at their parks? That’s unfortunate.