The prom and the porn star

In the world of sales, an expert once told me “if you don’t see somebody, you can’t sell somebody.” In other words: It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Mike Stone, allegedly from Oakdale and allegedly a senior at Tartan High School (I’ve been unable to confirm this), has been asking porn stars on Twitter to be his date for the senior prom.

The Daily Dot reports one said “yes,” if he’d pay for her trip from Los Angeles to Minnesota’s land of enchantment:

“I was just thinking of doing something new,” Stone told the Daily Dot with some apprehension. (Neither his parents nor his school are aware of his efforts.) “I was like, let’s try it out and see if it works. I just think they’re really cute and I wish I had one for a prom date.”

After more than 600 tweets, Stone has received at least one yes from porn star Megan Piper, who said she would attend as long as he paid to fly her from Los Angeles to Oakdale, Minn., for his prom at Tartan High School. Stone has admitted on Twitter to not having any money for such an expense and has been asking people to help him raise funds.

Before prowling Twitter for a date, Stone says he asked a slew of girls from his school but was turned down “because all the guys that I know are already going with them,” he said.

Via Twitter, several porn stars turned the kid down, but sent him naked pictures instead, which is usually how it goes at high school.

(h/t: Ben Chorn)

  • Bonnie

    Bob, it’s great to have you back. My sincere sympathies for the loss of your brother, I hope I go before mine does. Hope the trip back east was a good one.

  • Jim Shapiro

    “which is usually how it goes at high school.”


    I was born 100 years too early.

    This kid is gonna go far.

  • Alex

    Mike Stone, if you are real, I’ll donate $20 for the cause

  • Tyler

    Prom. Ugh. So glad I only have to live through parts of my life the one time.