Soccer goalie scores on himself

The deal to build a stadium for the Minnesota Vikings has a provision in it that raises the possibility of an MLS soccer team being stationed at the dome in the next decade.

Maybe indoors is a good idea, based on this play yesterday when Maccabi Haifa took on Dynamo Kiev.

  • BenCh

    “This video contains content from sport5, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

  • John O.

    (Full disclosure: My son plays D2 soccer on the west coast. He is their goalkeeper.)

    You would think that a professional GK would have the brains to either throw the ball to a teammate, or drop the ball and do a kick in those conditions. But a punt like that? Oy vay.

  • Allen

    There is zero chance of the Twin Towns getting an MLS team without a very serious investor with deep pockets. Who is that person(s)? If there’s no one out there saying they’re thinking about it there is no use in speculating over it.

  • Daniel Racicot

    It’s not the goalie that should be ashamed but the news media and the referee. A goal can only be scored from a goal kick into the opposing net. The kick should have been retaken.FIFA rule 16