No matter what you might think of the cult of Apple and the questions surrounding the working conditions of the plants in China where the products are made, you have to tip your hat to the marketing genius of the company, while perhaps wondering why they have an advertising budget at all.

Today, the company announced its latest version of the iPad, which does, err, …. something the old version didn’t do.

And that’s all it takes to get iPad advertising stories on the front page of the most read websites in the world.

The Washington Post…


Huffington Post (this actually is the front page!)…


Google… appropriately placed after Mitt Romney and God — in that order….


The Jerusalem Post, right after the update on the Iran Threat v. 2.0 upgrade.


The BBC…


And, of course, The Onion…


  • Mark Gisleson

    The China stuff galls and increasingly Microsoftian ‘tude at Apple chafes, but when’s the last time you got excited about:

    a new car?

    a new movie?

    a new band?

    a new anything?

    IT is virtually the only area of our economy still moving forward. Every other sector is about consolidating monopolies and bleeding consumers (as is IT, but at least they have exciting products).

  • Disco

    You don’t think Apple bleeds consumers? No user-replaceable battery. No storage card option. These are two things Microsoft just WISHES they had thought of.

  • Tyler

    The last thing I got truly excited for? A Star Wars Lego set. Last year at Christmas. I’m 31, and unashamed. If more stuff worked like toys, I’d get more excited about it. Hear me talkin’, lawn mower!?

  • Kassie

    I’m super excited about the new iPad. It will be my first and I just pre-ordered. But I’m also excited by new movies, bands and books. Especially movies. I know a lot of people are excited for the Hunger Games movie that’s coming out. I get really excited whenever Warner Herzog puts out a film. And I’ve been counting down the days until the new Shins album that’s coming out on the 20th.