Early retirement is a quick route to an early death

Dream all you want about winning a lottery and quitting work but be glad you’ll be a loser. If you’re a man, retiring early can kill you, new research says.

LiveScience.com reports that men had an increased risk of death before age 67 when they retired early.

“According to our estimates, one additional year of early retirement causes an increase in the risk of premature death of 2.4 percentage points (a relative increase of about 13.4 percent, or 1.8 months in terms of years of life lost),” the researchers said.

  • matt

    So I am 40, retiring now would be 25 years early and my risk of kickin before 67 goes up by 2.4 percentage points? Considering I am going to cheat the 1 in 176 million odds to win my millions I’ll take my chances with the early death thing. There would be a whole lot of living being done before the dying starts.

    Minnesota Public Radio plays the wet blanket again.

    Up with whimsy.

  • Joe

    At the rate I’m going I will have no problem with that…As I am guessing with the “Great Recession” early retirement is out of the question for a lot more people that it was ten years ago.

  • John P.

    Early death in the lap of luxury might be preferable to slow death at a crummy job!