Claire Frick’s journey

Roseville Area High School student Claire Frick has died.

She was diagnosed with a deadly childhood cancer at 16, and on Valentine’s Day this year, she found out the cancer had spread to her brain and there was nothing more that could be done.

The Pioneer Press chronicled the family’s ordeal just last Sunday:

During her fight with this disease, she has continued to sing with her school choir and compete with the speech team, and has traveled to Washington, D.C.; New York; Montana; and Orlando. She’s also maintained straight A’s, putting her among the top in her class.

She is spending her last days resting at home under the care of her family and hospice nurses, receiving numerous medications.

To make matters worse for the Little Canada family, Claire’s mother, Jane Frick, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October.

Her mom wrote on her Caring Bridge site yesterday…

My dear Claire, my youngest child, my pudgiest baby with the “thunder thigh” roly poly legs, who grew into a shy and quiet but oh so sweet little girl with pigtails, always maintained her physical “cuteness” and somehow by-passed those “awkward” years of middle school, and evolved into an amazing adolescent who was more concerned with civil rights and justice than with her own teenage rebellion, and finally who became a woman under the most difficult circumstances ever – being robbed of many joys and privileges so many of us take for granted – that first true love, voting in a presidential election, graduating from high school, with the parties that go along with that rite of passage, using her artistic talent to attend the College of Visual Arts (CVA) where she intended to go, dreams of the future – having a significant relationship, having children, growing old, going to Paris, riding one more roller coaster. We mourn your loss but cherish and celebrate your memory. You will forever be in my heart and I will forever be your mom and I love you.

Thanks for listening ~ Jane

  • essjayok

    My heart goes out to Claire’s family. I hope Jane finds some peace knowing she has shared Claire’s story with honesty and love.

  • Lily

    This is an amazing story. Sending sympathy and best wishes of peace and grace to Claire’s family.