Bradlee Dean strikes Iowa town

People who get into trouble by having Minneapolis preacher Bradlee Dean at their functions usually have something in common: They’ve never Googled Bradlee Dean.

Almost a year ago, Republicans in the Minnesota House apologized after Dean, who runs a ministry called “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide,” gave an invocation just prior to debate over a same-sex marriage constitution amendment.

Last week, his band — Junkyard Prophet — performed at Dunkerton High School, near Cedar Rapids in Iowa. The band was supposed to deliver an anti-drug, anti-bullying message. But, according to, it ended up being vintage Dean:

But after dividing the junior and senior high student body into boys and girls — and leading faculty members away in a third direction — the group launched a different agenda, according to witnesses.

“They were really trying to push their religion down our throats,” said Laura Steffen, 18, a senior.

The presentations included images of aborted fetuses and AIDS patients suffering the effects of the disease, according to students. Those who tried to leave, including teachers, were shouted down, mocked and intimidated, according to witnesses.

Steve Phelan, an English teacher, said the leader in his group chastised the faculty for being disrespectful.

“Then he probably spent five or 10 minutes shouting at us about what we should believe,” Phelan said.

“They told my daughter, the girls, that they were going to have mud on their wedding dresses if they weren’t virgins,” parent Jennifer Littlefield told the La Crosse Tribune.

The band is threatening to return to town for another appearance because its members claim their Thursday performance has not been properly reported.

  • Bob, some corrections to your story:

    Bradlee Dean’s extremist views were well known to the MN GOP long before he appeared at the Capitol.

    Here’s a list of prominent GOP politicos who appeared on Bradlee Dean’s radio show:

    Rep. Leidiger retracted his statements about Bradlee Dean’s Capitol “prayer” and apologized to Bradlee Dean on his show:

    Please interview politicians who have appeared on Bradlee Dean’s show and ask them if approve of what Bradlee Dean did in Dunkerton. Thanks.

  • Jim Shapiro

    I wish Vegas had a line on closeted homophobes. You might have to wait several years for the payoff, but what an easy way to make a living.

  • Tom

    What’s a “Christian” or any type of religious group doing performing or giving any kind of presentation in a public school?

  • Candi

    The GOP knew exactly what they were doing by having Bradlee Dean give the prayer the same day as the amendment vote.

    For the same reason I can’t get out of speeding tickets for claiming I didn’t know the limit, public school officials or disingenuous politicians can’t claim ignorance when Google is at everyone’s fingertips.

  • Joe

    I had the same right wing religious junk shoved at our high school in White Bear Lake 40 years ago. And the school administrators knew exactly what was happening while they supported the war.

    Christian fake hippy x-druggy tent revival scammers. Great to hear their bastard kids have taken over the business.

    When those pig farmer school admins give you the “I didn’t know Bradlee” routine, fire them, they are lying or incompetent.

  • Chris Vogel

    So typical of religious conservatives: either you do what they say–no matter how ridiculous or malicious–or they try to destroy you. Still, better than the old days; modern secular governments do not permit their traditional responses to difference: torture and mass murder. This is a great comfort for those of us they are trying to destroy. Shame about the children they damage, though.

  • Bob Moffitt

    Update: The Iowa principal who okayed this is resigning, the AP reports.