Who weeps for the Hummer owner?

U.S. Rep. Allen West is lambasting the Obama administration today because it cost him $70 to fill up the tank on his car.

“Here is the bottom line,” he writes on his Facebook page. “Last night it took 70 dollars to fill the tank of my 2008 H3 Hummer, what is it costing you? What does it cost the President to fill his gas tank?”

A Hummer? Who could have foreseen this problem? Just about everyone but Rep. West apparently.

Check out the spec sheet on the Hummer H3 (2008) from the Department of Energy:


If Rep. West bought his Hummer when it was new — 2008 — the average price in his district for gasoline was about $3.90. It would have cost him about $90 to fill up his car then.

Even at the lowest price (in his district) since his car was new ($1.62 in December 2008), it would have cost West about $35 to fill up his vehicle (assuming he did so with a gallon left in the tank).

Incidentally in his personal financial disclosure statement, Rep. West doesn’t list owning a Hummer. He lists having a car loan on a Mercedes, a model which gets slightly better gas mileage.

  • Stacy

    So when are average Americans (especially those who make up the constituency of legislators who play fast-and-loose with the rhetoric) finally going to get fed up and say “ENOUGH!!!”. I mean, there are enough real problems in this county that require real solutions w/o legislators making stuff up.

    It’s just embarrassing…

  • Christopher
  • Jim Shapiro

    Is that the same Rep. Alan West who said “Shut up, war is hell” to critics of the marines who filmed and posted themselves urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters?

    He might in fact have a Hummer and simply lied about it when filing his financial disclosure statement. (Shocked! I’m shocked!)

    Perhaps he just wanted to keep playing soldier, like so many others who purchase the copy of the combat vehicle.

  • Bob Collins

    //Sure the fuel economy is poor, but would we be making fun of West if he drove a sensible minivan?

    Probably since Rep. West is outraged about the cost of fuel being so high when it’s actually lower than when he made the personal choice to buy whatever car he chose to buy. Presuming he did his research when buying, whatever problems he seems to have filling up his car would be of his own making. Why is it the government’s problem to solve his personal problem?

    As for the minivan, people who buy them usually sacrifice gas mileage for need.

    I drive a 2004 Cavalier… 32mpg. I drive 55 mph and I get blown off the road by people with big gas guzzlers. They’re in a hurry to get somewhere so they can complain about how much it costs to fill up their car with gas.

    You bought it. Your drive it. Your problem. Not mine.

  • vjacobsen

    Gas was cheap when the global economy tanked. Now we’re on an upswing (well, and other stuff is happening), and gas is back to pre-recession prices.

    And when gas prices rose through the Bush administration, who was the kind Representative yelling at then?

  • Bob Moffitt

    Christopher: You’re changing the subject here, but since you put out the bait, I’ll bite.

    Rep. West’s beef (he says) is in the price of the fuel. So let’s talk about the price of E85.

    E85 is almost always priced less than gasoline. Here in the Twin Cities, it is selling for about 40 cents less than reg. unleaded.

    Yes, flex fuel vehicles get lower miles per gallon on E85 than they would on gasoline (the EPA estimates on E85 mpg are way on the high end, BTW, but the fuel is significantly cleaner-burning than gas, it’s made here in Minnesota, and unlike gasoline, it is largely renewable.

    And yes, they did make Hummers that could use E85. But the Hummer brand is now dead. I’m sure we will be talking about oil and fuel prices for many days to come.

  • Jessica

    Comparing a minivan’s gas mileage to a Hummer’s??? Are you kidding me? A minivan on average gets 15mpg in the city and as high as 28mpg on the highway. A Hummer can get as low as 9mpg city and at most 18 highway driving. Go to http://www.fueleconomy.gov if you want to check yourself.

  • John P II

    I think you’re giving Rep. West the benefit of the doubt here. I’m going to guess he upgraded to the Alpha package available for the H3 in 2008 with a bigger engine. 13 city 16 hwy and overall 14 mpg.

  • Hillary

    I’m a bit late to the party, but I think it’s interesting:

    I bought my 2004 Civic used in April 2006. Gas was $2.699 the second time I filled the tank (the first time doesn’t count on my spreadsheet since I didn’t have mileage info to go with it). I’m a bit behind on my data entry, but these stats are relatively current.

    Since I bought the car, the average fuel price I’ve paid was $2.80/gallon. My average MPG has been 30.68, trending up lately since I do a lot more highway driving now. I think I’m going to break 35 mpg once the switch to summer formulation. I haven’t broken $40 for a tank yet. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who chose to buy low MPG vehicles.

  • george

    It’s funny that Republicans cry that Obama is creating a “victim” mentality, and then a Republican U.S. Rep. goes and complains that it costs $70.00 to fill his 2008, 15 m.p.g. Hummer. West should have known better: In 2007, gas prices went above $3 a gallon and in 2008, it went above $4. Yet he went and bought a vehicle that has such poor gas mileage anyway.

    The other ironic aspect to this story is that the Iran standoff is one of the main factors why gas prices have risen so much lately. Yet, its Republicans who scream for military action against the country. Maybe military action is the proper course, but you have to accept the consequences of that action, or at least the rhetoric.

    I sure hope there are enough independent critical thinkers still out there who recognize the hypocrisy in Republican rhetoric.