What’s your passion?

How much are you willing to work to pursue your passion?

This video is making the rounds on the InterTubes today: A guy in New York who plays piano in a park.

If you’re a good and faithful NewsCut reader, you might remember the guy from this video I posted some time ago, in which the pianist was completely upstaged.

But enough about them, and back to you. What’s your passion and what lengths do you go to in order to pursue it?

(h/t: Neatorama)

  • Since I was old enough to form a sentence I’ve felt an overwhelming desire to write. My mom used to tell a story about how my parents had bought me a toy typewriter when I was about seven. They had to take it away from me because she would wake up at 3:00 a.m. to the sound of me typing away.

    Writing–especially when it’s in the form of non-fiction–isn’t always thought of as something that can be a passion. But I can’t imagine doing anything else and every job I’ve ever held has somehow touched on that need to create. I spent a decade as a stand-up comic, a few years as a syndicated talk show host and have been a journalist on and off my entire life. I would write for free and given the current state of journalism, that’s probably a good thing.

    I’m sure I could make more money as a clerk at Office Max today than I will writing. But it’s what defines me, for better or worse.

  • Well, I wouldn’t go quite as far as Duke Ellington when he said “Music is my mistress,” but music is definitely my passion, and I am building my career around my wish to help make people feel better through music! So many of us can think of a time when a piece of music made us joyful, sad, or just as though someone else understood our situation…and neuroscientists have found this is because music has a real, profound effect on our brains and bodies. I create and teach classes to help folks understand the research and incorporate it into their own lives — and if you click this link: http://www.cce.umn.edu/documents/olli/Insights_Sp12.pdf and scroll to page 3, there’s a story about what I do.