What’s in a name?

Is your public radio life much different since National Public Radio dropped ational ublic adio and just became NPR? Did you use less tape and fewer Post-Its when Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing went with 3M? Did Sears do better without Roebuck? Would we have an iPhone that actually works if AT&T were still American Telephone and Telegraph?

Or do marketers just make this stuff up?

Malt O Meal, the Northfield-based company that makes Malt O Meal, this month changed its name to MOM Brands. Thanks for the boost, wheaty, oatmealy hot cereal. But you don’t say “2012” the way MOM does.

In this video, the company marketers sure promise a lot just by making their company a bunch of letters that stand for Malt O Meal.

Revolutionize the cereal aisle.

Choose a different way.

Change it up for the better.



Insist that people deserve better.

Better quality cereal in better packaging.

A better selection and a better price.

Leaving a smaller footprint on the planet.

When you drive past the plant in Northfield, it does not smell like MOM.